12 Volt / 22 Amp Outdoor Power Supply


12 Volt / 22 Amp Outdoor Power Supply


This wall-mountable power supply is a fan cooled unit which is also thermal protected. It regulates and reduces 110v/220v electricity into 12v DC, making it usable for all of our 12v products and lights.

If this power supply is centrally located within your attraction, it can power every 12v component in a 10,000 sq. ft. area (up to 22 amps of consumption). Just plug it into a wall socket, then run 22-2 wire and/or 12-2 wire from its outputs into your desired effects to power them with clean 12v DC electricity. Daisey-chain multiple effects or lights together, or run multiple strands of wire out of the power supply's outputs if you have to go in different directions!

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DC Voltage 12v
Rated Current 22 Amp
Rated Power 264 Watt
Voltage Adj. Range 10.8 - 13.5v


Voltage Range 90 - 305vAC
Frequency Range 47 - 63Hz


Working Temp. 104° - +158°F
Working Humidity 20 - 95%


Outdoor Rating IP65/IP67
Length 9.9 in.
Width 3.5 in.
Height 2 in.
Weight 4 lbs.