Escape Brick Game

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Escape Brick Game

from 320.00

Gameplay: Use an ultraviolet flashlight to find hidden fingerprints or coded characters on push-button bricks.

The Brick game has 6 different mode selections: Random, In Order, With/Without Fail, or Timed/Not-Timed. It also could be used in conjunction with another game, or to release a door to another room.

Comes with:

  • 25 inches x 39-1/2 inches pvc brick wall

  • Controller/ 12 volt power supply

  • Start button

  • UV flash light

Optional audio packages can also be added! Audio could be added with a micro SD card, simple amp, or speaker.

Audio Package includes:

  • 45w mini amplifier

  • 5 1/4” indoor or outdoor speaker

  • 20 ft. speaker wire

  • Audio jack

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