Escape-8 Controller - 8 Channel High Power Prop Controller


Escape-8 Controller - 8 Channel High Power Prop Controller


The most feature rich, easy to use and affordable Escape Room controller on the market. 

The Escape-8 features 8 trigger inputs and 8 outputs. On top of that it features independent inputs for Emergency Stop, Game Start, and Game End/Submit buttons, as well as separate independent outputs for a door lock, game win indicators and game loss indicators. You also get full CD quality on-board audio without any addons, which comes with built-in audio cues that explain all the game modes to your guests, and make programming the Escape-8 a breeze. 

Speaking of game modes, the Escape-8 comes pre-programmed with seven!

• Once all inputs have been triggered correctly, guests win the game. Inputs can be triggered in any order.

• Once all inputs have been triggered, guests hit the “submit” button. If they’ve done them in the correct order they win, if not they fail.

• Guests must complete a trigger sequence in order then hit submit to see if it's correct, if they chose the wrong input sequence then they fail.

• Guests must complete a sequence in order, if they choose the wrong input before hitting submit then all the game inputs reset and force the guest to start over from the beginning.

• Guests must arrange inputs in a certain combination, up to 256 combinations, with a programmable number of attempts. A separate submit button registers their guess.

Program which inputs need to be triggered in order, and the controller will play “Simon Says” with your guests. Up to 30 levels of difficulty with a programmable number of attempts. The board informs guests how many inputs are correct, but not which ones!

One of the most popular game modes, guests navigate trigger sensors while trying not to trip them. If a sensor is tripped then the guest must start again from the beginning.

  • Complete Task In Any Order

  • Complete Task In Order

  • Complete Task In Order with Fail

  • Complete Task In Order with Reset

  • Combination Lock

  • Repeat After Me "Simon Says"

  • Mission Impossible

  • Each output trigger supports up to 500mA, anything over that requires a relay. The onboard amplifier is 3w, which is enough to power a small speaker, an external amplifier is recommended for use in escape rooms. Easily program a play timer into your game along with how many trigger inputs and outputs you'd like to use for each game mode. The Escape-8 supports both momentary and toggle switch inputs. The most versatile and feature packed Escape Room controller is available now!

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(Our Escape-8 controller can talk through Sprite’s serial port for multi-video playback)

**Requires microSD card used for sound

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Click here for detailed instructions on how to use the Escape Jam’r 8
Click here for the Escape-8 wiring diagram


Escape-8 Audio Files


Number of Inputs 8
Dedicated E-Stop Inputs 1
Dedicated Game Reset Inputs 1
Dedicated Submit Inputs 1
Types of Inputs Supported Momentary and Toggle
Number of Outputs 8
Dedicated Door Lock Outputs 1
Dedicated Game Win Outputs 1
Dedicated Game Loss Outputs 1
Maximum Output Rating 500mA each
Operating Voltage 12VCD
Minimum Voltage Required 1 Amp