Escape-4 Controller - 4 Channel High Power Prop Controller


Escape-4 Controller - 4 Channel High Power Prop Controller


The most feature rich, easy to use and affordable Escape Room controller on the market. 

The Escape-4 features 4 trigger inputs and a single 2-Amp Output. On top of that it features independent inputs for Emergency Stop, Game Start, and Game End/Submit buttons. You also get full CD quality on-board audio without any add-ons, which comes with built-in audio cues that explain all the game modes to your guests, and make programming the Escape-4 a breeze. 

Speaking of game modes, the Escape-4 comes pre-programmed with six!

• Once all inputs have been triggered correctly, guests win the game. Inputs can be triggered in any order.

• Once all inputs have been triggered, guests hit the “submit” button. If they’ve done them in the correct order they win, if not they fail.

• Guests must complete a trigger sequence in order then hit submit to see if it's correct, if they chose the wrong input sequence then they fail.

• Guests must complete a sequence in order, if they choose the wrong input before hitting submit then all the game inputs reset and force the guest to start over from the beginning.

• Guests must arrange inputs in a certain combination, up to 256 combinations, with a programmable number of attempts. A separate submit button registers their guess.

One of the most popular game modes, guests navigate trigger sensors while trying not to trip them. If a sensor is tripped then the guest must start again from the beginning.

  • Complete Task In Any Order

  • Complete Task In Order

  • Complete Task In Order with Fail

  • Complete Task In Order with Reset

  • Combination Lock

  • Mission Impossible

  • The onboard amplifier is 3w, which is enough to power a small speaker, an external amplifier is recommended for use in escape rooms. Easily program a play timer into your game along with how many trigger inputs you'd like to use for each game mode. The Escape-4 supports both momentary and toggle switch inputs. The most versatile and feature packed Escape Room controller is available now!

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(Our Escape-4 controller can talk through Sprite’s serial port for multi-video playback)

**Requires microSD card used for sound

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Escape-4 Audio Files


Number of Inputs 4
Dedicated E-Stop Inputs 1
Dedicated Game Reset Inputs 1
Dedicated Submit Inputs 1
Types of Inputs Supported Momentary and Toggle
Number of Outputs 1
Dedicated Door Lock Outputs 0
Dedicated Game Win Outputs 0
Dedicated Game Loss Outputs 0
Maximum Output Rating 2 Amps
Operating Voltage 12VCD
Minimum Voltage Required 1 Amp