Cage Rage Package


Cage Rage Package

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The Cage Rage audio packages turns any standing maze, from chainlink to wood fence and anything in between into an intense experience.

The package includes everything you need: multi-color LED stage lights which produce 32 beams of moving, strobing light each; outdoor rated speakers; an amplifier pre-loaded with custom Cage Rage audio and all the required cabeling to get your maze raging! 

Cage Rage comes in three different sizes


  • (2) LED Lights

  • (2) 8" Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

  • Amplifier with 100' speaker wire


  • (4) LED Lights

  • (4) 6" Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

  • Amplifier with 200' speaker wire


  • (4) LED Lights

  • (4)  8" Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

  • Large Amplifier with 200' speaker wire

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Click here for the Cage Rage Installation Instructions


The PA Audio System is made up of several components. The specifications for each component can be found on their respective product page: 

Amplifier Product Page
The Cage Rage system comes with an amplifier mounted in a flight case, along with an audio playback device pre-loaded with Cage Rage audio. 

Speaker Wire Product Page
Each Cage Rage system comes with enough speaker wire to get the system Rocking and Rolling. 

Speakers Product Page
Each Cage Rage audio system comes with our high quality outdoor speakers, for a system that will last for years. 

LED DJ Light:

  • 60 Sound activated reactions move to the sound of music

  • Long Life LEDs (Rated at approximately 50,000 hrs.)

Power Consumption 30 watts max
Height 12.5 in.
Width 12.5 in.
Depth 13 in.
Weight 10 lbs.