70v Commercial Amplifier


70v Commercial Amplifier

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An all-purpose amplifier with 6-inputs, along with 3 separate microphone inputs. The level of each input is independently adjustable. 
120 Watt Output: 5dBV @ 600ohm.
240 Watt: Unit outputs 240w RMS at 8ohm or 70v. It will power up to (8) 8" or
6" Speakers, or up to (10) 5-1/4" Speakers.


  • 8-ohm and 70v speaker outputs

  • Dual RCA Inputs for AUX1 and AUX2

  • Telephone and microphone priority paging

  • Dual RCA Outputs for LINE OUT

  • Switchable phantom power on MIC1 input

  • Front panel control for each input, master volume, bass and treble

  • LED Output level and protection indicication

  • 1/4" Inputs for MIC2 and MIC3

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Model 240w Amp 120w Amp

Maximum Rated Power Output

240 watts 120 watts

Frequency Response

50Hz ~ 16KHz 50Hz ~ 16KHz
Line Output 5dBV @ 600ohm 5dBV @ 600ohm

Screw Terminal
Speaker Taps

4~16ohm / 70v / 100v 4~16ohm / 70v / 100v

Front panel 1/4"
MIC input

5mV @ 600ohm 5mV @ 600ohm

Rear panel 1/4"
XLR combination jack

5mV @ 600ohm 5mV @ 600ohm

Rear panel dual RCA AUX input

350mV @ 10kohm 350mV @ 10kohm

Rear panel screw terminal TEL input

350mV @ 10kohm 350mV @ 10kohm
Switchable phantom power 48vDC 48vDC
Power Requirements 120vAC, 60Hz @ 340 watts 120vAC, 60Hz @ 200 watts
Dimensions 3.46" H x 19.06" W x 14.96" D 3.46" H x 19.06" W x 11.93" D
Weight 25 lbs. 17 lbs.